Company Profile

Established on 19 July 2017, PT Reasuransi Nusantara Makmur or well known as Nusantara Re, licensed by the Indonesian Financial Services Authority (FSA) or Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK), commence its operations as professional reinsurance company to contribute to the Indonesia's developing insurance industry

The Sharia Business Unit has received licensed by Otoritas Jasa Keuangan (OJK) on 31 January 2020

Vision & Mission

PT Reasuransi Nusantara Makmur Sharia aims to provide reinsurance services to sharia insurance companies and sharia reinsurance broker companies in Indonesia.


To be a trusted, professional sharia reinsurance company by giving services to business partner, sharia insurance companies, sharia reinsurance broker companies and other stakeholders


  • - Know and meet the needs of our business partner, sharia insurance companies, sharia reinsurance broker companies and other stakeholders,
  • - Create underwriting results based on sharia principles.


Nusantara Re Sharia providing strong reinsurance support for General or Life Insurance Company. Reinsurance support that given by Nusantara Re Sharia are :

Nusantara Re Sharia covers all business line such as :

Management Team

Board of Commisioner

  I Ketut Pasek Swastika ( President Commissioner )  
Marten P. Lalamentik ( Commissioner ) Njoman Sudartha ( Commissioner ) Moro W. Budhi ( Independent Commissioner )

Board of Director

  Eka Priadi Wongso ( President Director )  
Nandina Cakradinata ( Technical Director )   Himawan Yustiono ( Compliance Director )

Sharia Supervisiory Board

Luqyan Tamanni ( Chairman of the Sharia Supervisory Board )   M. Fahri Farid ( Member of the Sharia Supervisory Board )


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